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Sponsorship and Citizenship


Family Class Sponsorship

  • To keep families united, the Canadian government allows three main methods of family reunification


    • Spousal or Common Law Partner Sponsorship (Note: Canada recognizes same-sex marriages and same-sex partners)

      • Outland sponsorship – this route is pursued if the sponsored partner is living outside of Canada. During the application process, the Outland applicant can enter or leave Canada.

      • Inland sponsorship – this route is pursued if the Inland applicant has temporary status in Canada as a worker, student or visitor. The inland applicant may be eligible for an Open work permit during the sponsorship application.

      • Conditions and Limitations

        • Sponsor is financially responsible for the sponsored person for 3 years AFTER the sponsored person becomes a permanent resident

        • Sponsored person cannot in-turn sponsor a spouse or common-law for 5 years after receiving permanent residency.


    • Dependent Child sponsorship

      • Sometimes there can be circumstances where dependent children may not be able to accompany the temporary foreign worker or permanent resident when they come to Canada.

      • To be eligible, the sponsor and the sponsored person must prove their relationship.

      • This path can be used for both natural and adopted children.


    • Parent and Grandparent SuperVisa

      • This sponsorship pathway allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or PRs to come to Canada for a consecutive period of 2 years

      • The visa itself can remain valid for up to 10 years, thus allowing for re-entry

      • Parents or Grandparent cannot be deemed inadmissible based on their health condition (but as noted below, they must obtain 1 year of health insurance)

      • Note: No dependents can be included under this application, i.e. parents or grandparents must come together as a pair.

      • Requirements

        • Letter of Invitation from child or grandchild

        • Proof that child or grandchild meets LICO (Low Income Cutt-Off) minimum.

        • Medical insurance for 1 year with a Canadaian company

        • Proof of relationship (like birth certificate)

        • Parents or grandparents must show sufficient ties to their home country



  • Eligibility requirements

    • Must have Canadian permanent resident status and must be living in Canada for at least 3 years / 1095 days put of the past 5 years.

    • Must be able to communicate in either English or French.

    • Must not have any criminal history

    • Must submit a formal application to IRCC

  • Once approved, applicants between the ages of 18 and 54 will take the Citizenship test