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Business / Investor Immigration

The main types of business / investor programs that are suited for investors with relatively high net worth applicants.

  • Federal programs / Start-Up Visa program

    • Entrepreneur Start-up Visa Program – these entrepreneurs must secure funding from a Canadian investment organization that will invest in a unique business created in Canada.

      • Usually linking with a private sector organization is the key to a successful funding and guidance.

      • If the funding is coming from a venture capital fund, the investment must be at least $200,000. If the investment is coming from an angel investor group then the investment should be at least $75,000.

      • Evidence of commitment from the investment organization in the form of a Investment certificate must be submitted to IRCC

      • Applicant must receive a letter of support from the investment organization which to the submitted with the PR application.

      • A peer review occurs of the cases under this Start-up visa program to protect against fraud.

      • Note: Only up to five applicants can apply for Permanent residency through the same business venture

      • Note: If the Canadian start-up is unsuccessful, permanent resident status will not be revoked.

    • Self-Employed Persons Program – for applicants willing to support themselves and their dependents through self-employed

      • These applicants must show desire to make a noteworthy contribution to Canadian cultural life or sports

      • The applicant must have at least two years of being self-employed or participating in a word-class level of cultural activities or athletics.

  • PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Business Immigration

    • These programs follow similar criteria to the federal program while applying only within that chosen province.